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Ozone Park Concrete Repair

City Suburb is a full service concrete restoration company in Ozone Park that provides limitless options for repair and maintenance. Our experienced and qualified staff combines traditional methods with advanced equipment and techniques that offer the most practical solutions for any size concrete repair project in Ozone Park. We assist commercial or residential clients with identifying problems through qualified assessments and offering a range of cost effective options.

Improved Quality Standards

Once of the most widely used materials for large or small construction projects, concrete is durable and versatile but won't last forever. In addition, the concrete originally poured for your structure decades ago, may not match the high quality standards offered by City Suburb today.

Qualified Inspection and Repair

City Suburb is equipped to handle any concrete repair problem. Our experts provide qualified inspections for all Ozone Park commercial or residential structures and recommend only the most necessary repairs that ensure safety and prevent further damage.

Our concrete repair services include:

  • Foundation wall repair
  • Decorative concrete repair
  • Sidewalk repair
  • All concrete structure repairs
  • Foundation crack filling
  • Repaving of concrete stairs
  • Patio repair
  • Pool repair
  • Concrete waterproofing
  • Garage floor concrete repair
  • Driveways and pavement repair

Ozone Park Foundation Repair

If you have a crack in the foundation of your Ozone Park structure, City Suburb specializes in professional injection and stitching of foundations and offers many other solutions to restore the integrity of any concrete structure promptly.

  • Trained and certified inspections
  • Advanced repair techniques and testing methods
  • Fully licensed and insured staff
  • Emergency repair services

The services of a professional concrete repair expert ensure the safety and proper functioning of any structure in Ozone Park. Contact the concrete repair experts for cost effective solutions and a free estimate at (718) 849-8999.

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