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Masonry Services

Brick Pointing

Brickwork and masonry can provide your property with a durable, long-lasting exterior. However, even the most rigid exteriors can weather over time. As the seasons pass, voids begin to form between your bricks as the mortar decay. Not only does this decaying process hamper the look of your exterior, but it allows water to seep between the cracks.

Commercial Masonry

If you are looking for a company that can cover all the masonry needs at your commercial building, City Suburb is the right choice for you. We have experience working with business owners and commercial developers alike to provide outstanding masonry services, whether for new buildings or to restore and remodel existing buildings.


There are many reasons why you might call a masonry contractor. You might need to repair damaged brickwork, install a new brick fireplace, or enlist the brick pointing services of a professional. As many reasons as there might be to reach out to a masonry contractor, there's only one company you'll ever need to call-and that's City Suburb.


Trust City Suburb for a company that provides premium Ozone Park through experienced professionals, time-tested techniques, and the best materials. We have been serving the local area for a long time, providing the best stonework solutions for both homes and businesses.

Masonry Restoration

Breathe life back into an historic Ozone Park building with the services of a highly skilled masonry specialist. City Suburb has the experience and expertise to clean, repair and preserve Ozone Park facades and rebuild masonry components through careful salvaging of all usable stonework and combine it with new material from the finest sources.

Brownstone Repairs

Brownstone was once one of the most popular building finishes in New York, and many of these structures can still be seen today. With that in mind, old brownstone is not immune to the effects of time and will occasionally need some restoration to retain its visual appeal and functionality.

Foundation Waterproofing

For a foundation that can withstand water for years, you need professional foundation waterproofing services from us at City Suburb. We have been making sure that the homes and businesses of our community have the best foundations to protect their buildings from water damage. Using cutting-edge concrete techniques and the best contractors in the business, we can guarantee quality in your foundations.

Masonry Construction

City Suburb experts carefully choose the material for your Ozone Park project according to the size and purpose of your requirements. Our mason and concrete specialists carefully plan each structural element and use local resources and raw materials based on your predetermined budget.

Masonry Repair

City Suburb specializes in professional masonry repair for the exterior facing of any residential or commercial property in Ozone Park. We offer free estimates and a professional inspection of all types of masonry work to ensure the structural integrity of your property that includes any exterior or interior concrete components of your home or business.

Retaining Walls

City Suburb is your source for professionally built retaining walls. Our years of experience have allowed us to streamline the design-build process to deliver superior results tailored to your individual needs. Whether you're looking to protect your property from floods and mudslides, improve the usability of your yard, or create a tiered backyard, we have you covered with a complete range of retaining wall construction services.

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