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Brownstone Repairs

Brownstone was once one of the most popular building finishes in New York, and many of these structures can still be seen today. With that in mind, old brownstone is not immune to the effects of time and will occasionally need some restoration to retain its visual appeal and functionality.

If you are looking for a company that can assist with your brownstone Façade restoration, City Suburb is the one to call. Reach us at (718) 849-8999 to start discussing the work you need.

When Is Brownstone Exterior Restoration Necessary?

Brownstone exterior restoration is necessary when the facade of the building starts to show signs of deterioration or damage. Brownstone is a sedimentary rock that is soft and porous, and over time it can deteriorate due to weathering, pollution, and moisture penetration.

A restoration project can involve cleaning the facade, repairing or replacing damaged brownstone pieces, repointing mortar joints, and applying a protective sealant to prevent further damage.

Some signs that a brownstone building may need restoration include:

Cracks in the brownstone: When you notice cracks in the brownstone, it could be a sign that the stone has weakened over time. This can be caused by water damage, freeze-thaw cycles, or the settling of the building's foundation.

Loose or missing brownstone pieces: When brownstone pieces are loose or missing, this can compromise the structural integrity of the building and allow moisture to penetrate the facade.

Staining or discoloration: Brownstone can become discolored due to pollution or algae growth. This not only detracts from the building's appearance but can also indicate that moisture is penetrating the facade.

Decay of mortar joints: The mortar that holds the brownstone pieces in place can also deteriorate over time, leading to gaps and cracks between the stones.

If you notice any of the above signs, it's important to have a professional assess your building and determine if restoration is necessary. Around here, we're the best team to call for comprehensive brownstone repair work. Reach out to our representative to schedule a risk-free initial consultation appointment.

What Causes Brownstone to Deteriorate?

One of the leading causes of brownstone deterioration is exposure to the elements. Rain, snow, and ice can all cause erosion and weathering of the stone surface, especially if the brownstone hasn't been properly sealed or maintained. Moreover, exposure to pollution and acid rain can accelerate the deterioration process.

Some additional causes of brownstone deterioration include:

  • Biological growth like moss, lichen, and algae
  • Improper cleaning techniques
  • Graffiti
  • Vandalism
  • Aging
  • Lack of maintenance

Are you concerned about the safety and longevity of your brownstone home? We're licensed professionals who'll put your mind at ease with affordable brownstone inspection and repair services. Call us to learn how we'll address specific issues affecting your property's façade.

Benefits of Refacing a Brownstone Home

Refacing a brownstone home can offer several benefits, including:

Improved Curb Appeal

Refacing a brownstone home can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal, increasing its value in the real estate market. Fixing cracks, splits, and degraded building materials can give the exterior of your home a modern, updated look that is more likely to attract potential buyers or renters.

Energy Efficiency

Refacing a brownstone house can improve its energy efficiency. Fixing cracks and missing building materials will help your household retain its internal temperature more efficiently.

Structural Integrity

Over time, the exterior of a brownstone home can deteriorate due to exposure to the elements. Refacing can help to repair any damage and strengthen the structural integrity of the building, making it safer and more durable over the long term.

Health and Safety

Refacing can address many potential health and safety hazards. For example, a damaged exterior could pose a risk of falling debris or other hazards, which can be addressed through refacing.

Your Top Choice for Brownstone Maintenance Inspections

When you want to be sure you're getting a comprehensive brownstone maintenance inspection, we provide the superior services you need to keep your investment structurally sound and visually appealing.

Count on us for thorough diagnostics that cover every inch of your brownstone building. From the façade to the stoop and stairs, our inspectors are meticulous about checking every detail and providing a full written report that clearly explains our findings.

Our Brownstone Restoration Process

We want you to feel completely confident in our ability to restore your brownstone, which is why we would like to take the time to cover our typical repair process. We have put a great deal of time and effort into developing our approach to brownstone exterior restoration. By carefully adhering to the following steps, we are able to guarantee success with all of our projects.

Get Approval

In New York City, the Landmarks Preservation Commission has been established to enforce guidelines for protecting historic buildings. In order to restore brownstone buildings, the appropriate permits must be required to ensure that the work is done correctly and historically accurate. At City Suburb, we are a qualified company and can assist you with the vetting process for the work you want.

Remove the Damaged Brownstone Surface

Once we have permission to restore your brownstone, we will start by chipping away at the top layer that has been damaged over time. This will uncover the solid and undamaged base, providing us with a blank canvas to begin the restoration process.

Rebuild the Façade with Cement

In order to ensure that our work is sturdy and made to last, we will begin by creating several layers of a stucco-concrete mix. This will be molded into the original shape of your brownstone and then left to cure for four to six weeks in order to reduce permeability and ensure a strong base.

Apply the Final Brownstone Finish

After we have established a firm undercoating, our contractors can get to work on the final finish. We will pay careful attention to match the original texture and color of your brownstone, leaving your surfaces looking brand new again. This stage will also involve carving out the ornamental details that give brownstone its luxurious appearance.

Proficient Brownstone Repair Service

City Suburb combines years of experience with a passion for providing the best brownstone repair service in the area. We have a long history of providing exceptional service, which has helped us become recognized as one of the city's leading brownstone repair contractors. We only use state-of-the-art tools and materials to ensure every job is done efficiently and correctly. With our keen eye for detail, we're the team you can trust to do the job right.

We strive for perfection with every project we're hired to work on, ensuring the end result is exactly what the client expects and nothing less.

With our brownstone repair services, you can expect to benefit from our:

  • Timely and efficient service
  • Budget-friendly price list
  • Licensed and skilled contractors
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Customized consultations and designs
  • Upfront, transparent quotes
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Flexible scheduling

From brownstone restoration to customer service, our comprehensive expertise makes City Suburb the go-to service for any brownstone owner in the area.

Why You Should Get Your Brownstone Repaired

Like all other siding and exterior building finishes, brownstone should be regularly inspected for defects that develop over time. If building owners fail to do this, long-term damage will eventually negatively impact their building's structural integrity. It's highly beneficial and strongly advised to implement a regular maintenance schedule for your building, especially if you own a brownstone. A few reasons you should get your brownstone repaired right away when you discover defects include extending the building's lifespan, your and others' safety, and more.

Extended Lifespan

Like anything else, a brownstone's lifespan is generally extended by implementing regular maintenance and repairs. If you repair any damages soon after detection, you prevent them from spreading and becoming more serious. Neglecting to get an area of damaged brownstone repaired will cause the material to become brittle and eventually break off, exposing the inner layer to water and other outdoor elements. Consequently, the surrounding brownstone will become impacted and require repairs.

Enhanced Safety

When you leave damaged brownstone unrepaired, it will eventually begin to crack and crumble. Falling brownstone may damage the surrounding property, causing unnecessary destruction that will then need to be dealt with. Additionally, when a brownstone falls off the exterior of a building, it may strike a passerby, possibly causing severe injuries.

Maintained Building Integrity

Brownstone acts as a barrier between the outdoor elements and the inner layer of the building. When it becomes eroded or cracked, you'll be faced with water damage that causes leaks to the interior of your home. Water damage isn't only a threat to the integrity of the building, but it's also a costly repair. This can be easily avoided by hiring an expert brownstone repair company when you come across any exterior damage.

When you hire City Suburb for your brownstone repairs, you can rest assured that we'll thoroughly diagnose the issue before moving forward with the repairs. If we detect damage to the surrounding brownstone, we'll review repair options with you. We'll never simply cover up structural damage because this will cause future issues down the road. Our repairs are thorough and long-lasting, ensuring that your brownstone can stand the test of time.

So, if you're looking for a licensed and experienced contractor to get brownstone repairs done right away, contact our office at (718) 849-8999. We'll schedule a risk-free consultation to get the job started.

Brownstone Restoration Company With a History of Excellence

At City Suburb, we take pride in being a well-established source for brownstone repairs. We have both a consistent track record of success and a solid reputation in the local area, so you have nothing to worry about when we are on the job. We promise to bring valuable expertise to your restoration project, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Begin the Brownstone Repair Process Today

If you own a brownstone property that you would like to revive, we would love to be of service. Our talented team of masonry contractors goes above and beyond to provide our clients with amazing results. Reach us today at (718) 849-8999 if you have any questions about our services.

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