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Ozone Park Masonry Restoration

Breathe life back into an historic Ozone Park building with the services of a highly skilled masonry specialist. City Suburb has the experience and expertise to clean, repair and preserve Ozone Park facades and rebuild masonry components through careful salvaging of all usable stonework and combine it with new material from the finest sources.

Experienced Craftsmen Apply Many Techniques

Repointing a deteriorated masonry unit with the appropriate mortar selected by our specialists is the crucial step in our skilled restoration services from our craftsmen. City Suburb experts match tooling, profiles and tuck pointing that produce consistently impressive results.

Cleaning masonry to remove heavy soiling from pollution and dirt will undercut the deterioration of an older structure while enhancing its best characteristics. City Suburb restoration cleaning helps to maintain and extend the life of any structure you wish to preserve in Ozone Park.

Restoration Methods That Retain the Unique Character of a Ozone Park Structure

Masonry repair for a historic building should be carried out by an experienced professional. City Suburb undertakes careful research and studies each building we are hired to restore in Ozone Park. Professional rebuilding and restoration begins with careful planning and a skilled inspection carried out by a member of our dedicated team. Our licensed and insured staff has the expertise required to conserve your building without taking away from its unique character.

Restoration Experience You Can Trust

Offering masonry restoration for many years in Ozone Park, City Suburb is familiar with the application of various techniques that repair a range of stone types. Ozone Park home or business owners and heritage preservation officials can trust the highly skilled staff of Ozone Park's best choice for historic masonry restoration.

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